For their exhibition, Westbank wrote an awful and pretentious poem about how they are fighting for beauty. They've slapped it on the stairs on Commercial Dr x Broadway skytrain station. They've even created a neon light display of the poem. 

The original poem by Westbank is located on the bottom of this page here or here.

It was begging to be rewritten, so here's a new version:

When did we say yes to beauty being 
discarded deleted and demeaned 
by real estate developers 
like Westbank? 
Where is the agreement 
that beauty must be defined 
by the pretentious vision 
of one CEO? 
Since when have we learned 
the price of beauty 
is set by how much money 
a company can throw at a self-curated exhibition 
about an empty fight for nothing 
but cash? 
How could we have missed 
that beauty is in the eye of the beholder 
not a corporate-bought substance that makes it way 
through a blanket of ads to come after our 
senses in full force 
to craft a fake narrative 
that Vancouver is not beautiful 
unless Westbank makes luxury condos? 

Because we, the people of Vancouver, have not signed up. 
Westbank. Stop pretending you’re fighting for beauty. 
The real fights are by the people.